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Why Spotless 2000?

Spotless 2000 Corporation unites the American and European culture of cleaning offering the services suitable for multi-cultural and multi-demanding janitorial market.

Quick and Accurate Response

Do you often wait for the cleaning vendor to contact you back? Not anymore. Spotless 2000 makes sure you will be contacted as quickly as you deserve with all the information you need to know in acquiring the cleaning contract. We will lead you smoothly and effectively through the whole process with the least effort from your site and the most effort on our site. You will choose the best contact method and time that fits your schedule. Spotless 2000 sales agent will take all the measurement for you in case you do not have a blue print of your building handy. We make sure the proposal documents will arrive on time and with all the required data including pricing, license certificate, bonding, general insurance certificate, workers compensation certificate, and reference list.

Getting Started

Upon signing a contract we continue our efforts to start the service on the date set by our Client. We arrange the walk through along with the key pick up, alarm code, emergency contact information, trash dumpster locations, procedures of locking and securing the Client's premises.
As a Client you would not have to worry about open door or misplaced keys anymore. We double check the door before we leave.


Do you know who is cleaning for you? Or do they know the scope of work you created for them? Not always? Switch to Spotless 2000. We know our people and we know our work!

Spotless 2000 Corporation hires the employees! We do not subcontract work as our competition does. We make sure they already have a certain experience in the cleaning industry, we will provide training for all neccesary courses they may require.
We always run the criminal background and verify the employment eligibility in the United States. Our employees are legal, hardworking, and responsible individuals with the clear knowledge of their duties and responsibilities at work.
Our employees always wear company uniforms and ID badges to quickly identyfied.

Supervision and Inspection

How often did your current cleaning vendor visit your facility throughout the last month? You do not remember? That means they were not where they were supposed to be. And it doesn't matter the day or night. The supervision should happen.
Spotless 2000 Corporation has a weekly program for the daily and nightly supervision and inspection. You don't have to be present to know we supervised and inspected the cleaning process in your building. You will be notified under weekly bases about any progress in the cleaning process.


Have you ever got chance to speak with the owner of your current cleaning company? Chances are (with the franchise company especially) that you have not.
It is time to change that. The owner should always be available to you to discuss any problems, issues or new ideas. Spotless 2000 owner is always open for your concerns. As a private company our lather of organization is shorter than the one in a franchise company.
It means you can easily contact the owner at first place rather than being switched to the new department all the time.


Would you like to pay with your company's credit card but you can't?
Well, you found the solution. We accept all major credit cards, company check, and direct deposit. You also decide how soon you will pay. You may choose to pay within 30 to 60 days from receiving the invoice.


We don't like to promise like other companies do.
We do prove what we state and you get to evaluate us upon our services. You will quickly find out you made a right choice. You will give us than 100% customer satisfaction grade yourself!
We sustain your satisfaction factor not only for the first month but throughout our whole partnership.

We Love Our Clients Because They Love How We Clean!


Do you sometimes wonder what are the benefits of having the outsource versus in-house cleaning services? Let us give you some ideas.
Spotless 2000 Corporation will reduce the cost spent on the cleaning services. We do all the payroll, pay taxes, insurance, and buy equipment. We also order supplies for the reasonable prices if you prefer to do so.
By combining our other services which are snow removal and construction repairs you may save a lot on those projects staying with just one professional company.

With Spotless 2000 Corporation your building will be cleaner, safer, and constantly taken care off.

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Our Services

Do not stress anymore. Bring our company's professional crew into your door and enjoy fresh and clean office for just a little extra money out of your pocket and such a big release from your shoulders.

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We are a private commercial cleaning company operating in Chicago Metropolis since 2000. We have created and achieved the reputation of the highest quality services at economical rates.

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