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Snow Removal

Add snow removal to your monthly cleaning
and save 25% instantly!

Our snow removal services include walkway, driveway, parking area, deck handwork, and roof clearing (if required).

We use shovels, walk behind snow blowers (or snow throwers), truck plows, skid-steers, light-weight tractors, and heavy front-end loaders.

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We can work on:

  • Per-time basis - charged for each time service is provided and invoiced monthly
  • Full season contract quoted and paid upfront at the start of the season and service is provided automatically according to the contracted terms (may include given amount of trips or unlimited)
  • Will-call basis a single clearing where charges may be higher

  • Contracts may include applying of sand or salt in some locations to help melt ice accumulations.

    We may require installation of snow poles or snow staking along the driveway. This is to keep equipment out of the landscaping and to help identify the perimeter of an area.

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